How to Use Floor Tape Properly

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Floor tape comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and each of these color or patterns has a different meaning. Floor tape can be used on various construction projects and home renovations. If used properly, it can be an effective way to communicate your home improvement desired to a contractor or clients. It can also help prevent passersby from interfering with the project or encountering hazardous work areas.  Taped carpets

Step 1: Choose the right color or pattern of floor tape. If you are purchasing the tape online, the store may have a guide or color key available so you know which type of tape should be used for your project. If you are buying the tape from a brick and mortar store, you can ask a store associate to assist you with choosing the right tape.

Step 2: Prepare your work area by washing the floor thoroughly and applying a degreasing product to it. This will remove any grime or dirt that may prevent the floor tape from sticking to the floor or staying in place for a long period of time. Allow the floor to dry.

Step 3:  Draw or chalk a line where the tape will be placed. This will ensure the line is straight and accurately marks the designated area. The line will act as a guide as you apply the tape.

Step 4: Start at the beginning of the line and place the end of the tape at the starting point of the guideline. Do not tape over the chalk or pen mark. Slow unroll the tape a few inches at a time, keeping it lined up with the guide. Press the tape down as you unroll it to prevent wrinkles and bubbles. When you reach the opposite end of the guide, cut the tape and press it against the floor.

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